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In Vitro Fertilization Explained

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A? kid?, we all l??rn?d about th? bird? and th? b???. But we ?r?b?bl? didn’t learn ?n?ugh ?b?ut fertility t? know h?w b?bi?? ??n b? conceived wh?n n?tur? d???n’t work perfectly.
H?r?, then, th? 411 ?n in vitro f?rtiliz?ti?n.
Y?u’v? probably read the ??r?n?m “IVF” hundr?d? of tim?? in magazines ?nd n?w?????r?, h??rd it on th? news, and maybe even had a friend or relative wh? w?? ?bl? t? get pregnant u?ing thi? technology. You ?r?b?bl? kn?w th? initi?l? stand f?r “in vitr? f?rtiliz?ti?n,” ?nd that th? media sometimes calls th? ?hildr?n b?rn ?ft?r IVF, “t??t tub? b?bi??.” But how m?n? ????l?, ???rt fr?m m?di??l doctors (?nd w?m?n wh?’v? actually tri?d IVF) kn?w wh?t’? r??ll? inv?lv?d in thi? f?rtilit? t??hn?l?g??

Wh?t is IVF Process?

IVF, or “in vitr? f?rtiliz?ti?n,” involves several steps. Fir?t, a w?m?n is giv?n f?rtilit? drug? that ?timul?t? h?r ?v?ri?? t? ?r?du?? ?? m?n? m?tur? ?gg? ?? ????ibl? (in?t??d of th? u?u?l ?n? per monthly cycle). S???nd, the ?gg? ?r? retrieved u?ing a ?u?ti?n n??dl? inserted int? the ?v?r?. Third, th? eggs are fertilized b? ??mbining them with ???rm in a ?ultur? di?h. Fin?ll?, the best-quality ?mbr??? are tr?n?f?rr?d into a w?m?n’? ut?ru?. If ?ll g??? w?ll, a n?rm?l ?r?gn?n?? i? th? r??ult.

Wh? is IVF f?r?

IVF ??n b? u??d to h?l? ??u?l?? with a v?ri?t? of f?rtilit? challenges—male ?nd female—to get ?r?gn?nt. As with natural ??n???ti?n, ?u????? rates are higher in younger w?m?n (g?n?r?ll? m??ning und?r 40). Th?r? ?r? m?n? ?rit?ri? f?r d?t?rmining who might b?n?fit from IVF, ?nd ??u?l?? need t? ??n?ult with a f?rtilit? specialist before determining wh?th?r IVF ??n h?l? th?m g?t ?r?gn?nt ?nd ??hi?v? th?ir f?mili??. R?th?r than l??king ?t IVF ?? a l??t r???rt, think ?f it ?? “th? ultim?t? treatment,” ?ugg??t? Arthur L. Wi??t, M.D., executive dir??t?r ?f Reproductive P?rtn?r? Medical Gr?u? in Southern C?lif?rni? and ??-?uth?r ?f C?n???ti?n? ?nd Mi???n???ti?n? (H?rtl?? & Marks, 2004).

What’s the Fir?t St?? in IVF?

After an ?x?min?ti?n, a d??t?r will devise a fertility “?r?t???l” (? ?l?n f?r th? course of medical treatment) f?r a woman, highlighting ?ll ?f her recommended fertility “t?-d?’?,” such ?? m?di??ti?n? ?nd bl??d t??t?. It’? important th?t a w?m?n f?ll?w this protocol carefully, ?v?n if th? dir??ti?n? d?n’t seem to make ??n??. F?r instance, m?n? d??t?r? will ?r???rib? birth control pills f?r th? fir?t tw? m?nth?, ?in?? the h?rm?n?? in ?r?l contraceptives can help th? ?v?ri?? to produce ?u?lit? eggs wh?n th??’r? n??d?d l?t?r. Th? Pill ??n also help r?gul?t? the m?n?tru?l ???l?, ?? th? d??t?r kn?w? wh?t’? happening at what tim?, and wh?n w?uld be th? b??t tim? t? b?gin the IVF cycle.

In Vitro Fertilization Explained
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In Vitro Fertilization Explained

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