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HealthCould Beetroot be your best fertility friend?

Could Beetroot be your best fertility friend?

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Did you know that beetroot could be your best fertility friend? And stress your biggest enemy?

Did you know that your medication could be messing with your reproductive hormones? Or that Maca can boost libido in both men and women?

Having difficulties conceiving can be overwhelming but actually the small changes that you implement into your everyday life can be the most effective.

Beets are rich in nitrates well known to improve blood flow – integral to healthy fertility – and are often eaten by athletes for this purpose

For starters, cleaning you and your partners’ diet can be fundamental in improving fertility. Sugary fizzy drinks, for example, contain high fructose corn syrup, preservatives and other synthetic chemicals that produce a toxic burden for your organs to process – this takes away vital energy your body needs to continue its normal functioning.

But it’s not all about cutting things out; by adding a few potent, little superfoods like Beetroot you can help your body reach its maximum health and therefore fertility potential. Among these tasty heroes are beets, which are a fantastic source of the antioxidant resveratrol, thought to help combat against age-related infertility. Beets are also rich in nitrates well known to improve blood flow – integral to healthy fertility – and are often eaten by athletes for this purpose.

Butternut squash too is packed with nutrients and eggs are among the most nutritious food you can consume.

For women, what you think can be as important as what you eat, so get in the mind-set of seeing your new fertility habits as empowering steps towards your goal rather than obstacles in the way. Stress and worry are understandable at this time but are ultimately futile. Over 80% of couples conceive after one year and over 90% conceive after two years of unprotected sex, so set aside time for you and your partner to relax and enjoy yourselves.

It also helps if you and your partner take time for romance and enjoy sex; orgasms release oxytocin which creates contractions that help the sperm travel through the cervix and reach the egg – if sex has truly become a chore try taking the libido-boosting supplement maca.

There is plenty that men can also do to improve the odds of conception. Make sure your diet is high in zinc; without it, the sperm cannot mature to a stage that gives them the mobility and strength to make the long journey through the vagina, cervix and into the uterus for fertilisation to take place. Oysters contain more zinc than any other food source but red meat, nuts and pulses are good too.

Also, try to keep active: sitting for long periods of time and regular hot baths can raise the temperature in the testicles, reducing sperm production. However, contrary to popular belief, wearing tight underwear does not affect sperm production.

A study comparing men wearing tight briefs with men wearing loose boxers showed no difference in sperm counts.

Ultimately, these small changes that you make to your lifestyle add up and just a few of them could set you on the path to starting your family.

Could Beetroot be your best fertility friend?
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Could Beetroot be your best fertility friend?

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