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Simple Rules on How To Keep Safe During the Ongoing Pandemic

Simple Rules on How To Keep Safe During the Ongoing Pandemic

It’s a pandemic. The world is in chaos, and all you can do is hope that the government has everything under control. But what about you? What if your family gets sick from this virus? Well, here are some simple rules for you to follow during this time of crisis:

Get Vaccinated

Vaccination is one of the measures that helps prevent the virus. Vaccination is a medical treatment, but does not cure or protect from disease 100%. However, it can reduce symptoms, the severity of illness and spread to others around you. 

Wear Masks

Masks are the best way to prevent the transmission of viruses. They are especially advisable if you live or spend a lot of time with someone who is sick and during public transportation and in enclosed spaces such as shopping centers or cinemas. 

Ensure that you buy your masks well in advance and carry extra KN95 masks in your bag if you lose them. If possible, it is also advisable to avoid crowded places where people have respiratory tract infections, which usually means areas with large numbers of people.

Carry Your Sanitizer Throughout

Ensure you never go anywhere without your sanitizer. Always carry it with you and use it multiple times if necessary. You can even apply the solution to any surface that looks like an appropriate place for germs because flu viruses are everywhere. If someone is coughing or sneezing around you, don’t be afraid to use more of your hand sanitizer.

Wash Your Hands Regularly

If you happen to be in contact with a sick person, immediately wash your hands. If bodily fluids have contaminated something from someone ill, disinfect it as soon as possible before someone else touches it. Please do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth before you have properly washed your hands and avoid touching the face of young children to prevent them from getting sick too. 

Also, wash and disinfect the child’s toys to prevent the virus from spreading further into the family.

Invest in a COVID Care Package

Covid care package is a simple kit that includes face masks, hand sanitizers and other disposable products. It is going to help you keep safe during the ongoing pandemic. No one knows what will happen next. The best thing right now is to be ready for whatever may occur in the upcoming weeks or months. A covid care package can make all the difference.

Travel When Necessary

It is essential to travel when necessary, even if it means you need to take pandemic precautions. However, just like during any other regular trip, there are some considerations you should take so that you do not compromise your health from being exposed to potentially life-threatening viruses.

In the case of this pandemic, you need to be particularly careful when it comes from the flu. During this period, your immune system can become very weak and susceptible to getting infected by a virus that could prove deadly if you don’t take care of it immediately with proper medical attention.

Isolate if You Get the Virus

If you have a fever, stay home. If there is any chance of exposure to the virus, wear a mask and gloves when going outside. Also, ensure that you wash your hands and change clothes before going home to care for a patient. 

It is essential to remain calm during this pandemic as it will be challenging for the family. To avoid exposure, use face masks when around people with respiratory symptoms such as coughing or sneezing.

Avoid Crowded Places

You should avoid crowded places for now because it can be dangerous, especially during this covid pandemic. If you are visiting someone who is sick, then please wear a mask. It will reduce the risk of spreading illness to others, and it might help protect against infection, too. Do not go out if you do not have to because it could be dangerous for your health. If there’s an emergency at work or school, then ensure you’ve your mask on before leaving. 

Disinfect All Surfaces

During this ongoing pandemic, you need to disinfect all surfaces you encounter. Most people know that it is advisable to disinfect your hands. For example, if someone touches a surface such as a door handle and touches their eyes or nose without first washing their hands properly, they can quickly spread germs and disease. Therefore, you need to disinfect all surfaces after touching them.

Cook Your Food Properly

It is the number one rule to keep yourself safe. Bacteria can contaminate food from raw meats and unwashed fruits or vegetables, so it’s crucial to cook your entire meal thoroughly before ingesting anything. Also, never eat food that’s been out without covering for more than two hours. 

Always refrigerate your meals after you prepare them, and especially before eating any of them. You can also use a thermometer when cooking meat to ensure that the insides are at least 165°F or higher. The United States Department of Agriculture also recommends that you cook your food at at least an internal temperature of 145°F for 15 seconds.

Don’t consume raw or undercooked meat, egg products, fish, or shellfish either because this increases the chances of getting sick from bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella, which you can find on these foods before they are ready. Likewise, don’t drink unpasteurized milk and juice or eat soft cheeses like Feta, Brie, Camembert, which can contain Listeria bacteria if the packaging is damaged even a little bit.


The pandemic is still ongoing, so it’s unpredictable how long it will be until the situation changes. There’s nothing much to do but wait and see what happens next. For now, everyone should stay calm and follow a few easy guidelines for staying  healthy while traveling or working in a high-risk area. If you travel a lot or have a business in a high-risk area, it may be worth your while to invest in some vaccinations and other preventative medications that can help keep you safe from infection.

Joe Long
Joe Long
Freelance women and men's health writer at Fertility Road.

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