Fertility Journey Submissions 2023
Free round of IVF with Donor Eggs
at IVF-Life Alicante in Spain

IVF-Life offers one couple a free egg donation cycle (Egg Donation Exclusive) at their clinic in Alicante.

Potential patients to be accepted:

  • a couple or a woman up to 50 years old

Free Egg donation cycle with an exclusive donor, including:

The following costs will be responsibility of the patients: flights, accommodation, recipient medications, vitrification of embryos (if the number of produced embryos is higher than the number of embryos that can be transferred), subsequent frozen embryo transfers, preliminary investigations and necessary monitoring in their country throughout treatment.

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Potential patients to be accepted:
-> couple or a woman up to 50 years old.

We hope your journey will be as equally enjoyable as are other patients and we look forward to welcoming you.

  • You will receive an email confirmation (check SPAM folder).
  • Once your application has been received it will be reviewed by the clinic.
  • If more information is needed the clinic will get in touch.

We will never share your information with third parties. Your information will be used by Fertility Road (IVF Media Ltd.) and Fertility Journey Project partners to contact and send you information.

Fertility Journeys Project patients agree to share their story through videos and interviews made by the Fertility Journey Project partners and/or Fertility Road which will be shared in our magazine, our website and social media. If you have concerns regarding your name and identity we can use/modify these to help you.

Fertility Journey Project

Launched in 2016 our groundbreaking Fertility Journey project came to life when we partnered with many leading fertility experts worldwide.

The emotional Fertility Journey to start or extend your family with IVF treatment can be a long, physical and emotional stress upon you and your partner.

The concept was and is still simple. To help people who are looking to start a family and are either in need of funding partly due to NHS cuts or the lack of funds or those that may have had repeated failed IVF treatments and need a medical team to take a more personalised look at their treatment plan.

We also wanted to follow the patient journey from the beginning. To bring infertility into the light and share the real journey of being diagnosed as infertile.

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