IVF with PGT-A (PGS) explained

PGT-A - preimplantation genetic tests for embryos

PGT-A, which was formerly known as PGS refers to a genetic testing procedure. We consider the merits of the procedure and its use in response to your IVF questions. PGT-A is short for, pre-implantation genetic testing for aneuploidy. Aneuploidy refers to the existence of one or more (or missing) chromosomes which leads to unequal balance […]

Egg donation IVF explained

Egg Donation IVF Guide

IVF treatment using donor eggs (egg donation) has become one of the most sought after IVF treatments worldwide. Egg donation (IVF with donor eggs) treatment involves fertilizing fresh or previously frozen eggs (oocytes) which have been provided by a donor with sperm provided by a person who is known to the patient (such as a […]

Surrogacy – legal aspects in popular destinations

Surrogacy Law

Surrogacy can be very complicated when it comes to laws and regulations, especially if you are planning to go abroad and find a surrogate there. It is very much recommended that you seek legal advice before making any decisions. Laws about surrogacy can be very different in each country and this could lead to some […]

IVF ICSI Explained

IVF ICSI Explained

ICSI and IVF treatments are universally offered by clinics and are accessible by single patients as well as those in same-sex relationships. Our IVF experts respond to your questions about preparing for an ICSI or IVF treatment, what to expect and the chances of success. IVF ICSI what you should know What is the key […]

The To-do List – Fertility Story – By Sadie Scotch

Fertility Story - By Sadie Scotch

I’m generally pretty lucky. I usually win at various lotteries, bingo, whatever. So I was pretty sure my fertility results, even though I’d been on birth control for decades and was 38 years old, were going to be top-notch. But I wasn’t a winner, I was a loser, I noted, as I read the words, […]

IVF sex selection – availability, costs and dilemmas

IVF sex selection availability

It has been suggested that the development of IVF and assisted reproductive technology have been the standout achievements of clinical and scientific discovery over the last century, perhaps ever. If you ask anyone of the millions who have benefitted from IVF you would be hard pressed to find anyone who would disagree. IVF and assisted […]

What Happens To Your Body After Failed IVF?

Coping With IVF Failure

Improvements in assisted reproductive technology are continuously nudging up IVF success rates and these improvements are being replicated in treatments centres around the world. Whilst success rates are rising, the numbers of patients accessing IVF treatments are also increasing. A successful ivf cycle may not be achieved the first time which means that in real […]

Best IVF apps for 2022


Like any invasive medical procedure, IVF treatment can be complex and for anyone considering it or undergoing it, there might be a number of questions, issues, or concerns that might require addressing prior, during or after the procedure. Patients may also require support during what is naturally an extremely fraught and potentially anxious laden time. […]

Interview with Dr. Antonio Gosálvez from Quironsalud Madrid

Fertility Road Exclusive Interview

…The more you give to your patients the better you will sleep at night… Dr. Antonio Gosálvez, MD, PhD, University Hospital Quironsalud in Madrid We have interviewed Dr. Antonio Gosálvez – Fertility Unit Director at University Hospital Quironsalud in Madrid who treated more than 10,000 patients during his career! Antonio Gosálvez is behind our Fertility […]

Fertility Journey Patient’s Case Study – Stacey and Kurt from the UK

Fertility Road Patients Case Study

About the couple Stacey and Kurt contacted us (University Hospital Quironsalud Madrid) from the UK. They were deeply emotionally affected for a year after their previous unsuccessful IVF cycle in Birmingham in 2019. Our first meeting was a Zoom video consultation of about an hour on Sept 20. She was a young 29y woman coming […]

What is IVF treatment?

What is IVF - Guide for IVF patients

The history behind IVF Oldham, England, July 1978 a baby was born. It was an ordinary baby but at the same time, it was unique. Her name was Louise Brown and she was the first-ever baby to be born using In vitro fertilization. All the eyes in the world were on Louise and the pioneers […]

IVF step by step

IVF treatment step by step

To start thinking of IVF treatment you first need to rule out other options like different infertility treatments or change your lifestyle to a healthier one. You should start with seeing your general practitioner (family doctor) who will check your medical history and examine you physically. He will then probably recommend some tests to be […]

7 Best Fertility Apps for 2022

Best Fertility Apps Guide

The development and proliferation of modern day fertility apps which are designed to track menstrual cycles was one of the most eagerly anticipated innovations by women trying to achieve pregnancy by synchronising intercourse with ovulation to identify the most fertile days. The interest in, and sale of fertility apps and products such as home testing […]

IVF refund guarantee – is it an option for me?

IVF refund guarantee - money back

Despite advances in science and medical knowledge couples have to consider the possibility that IVF treatment might not be successful in the first instance. Can refund guarantee programmes guarantee success? The answer is obviously not, however what they can guarantee is a peace of mind. Such schemes can prove a cost-effective way of limiting financial […]

Infertility issues – FertiAlly – Signposting with Experience

Fertility Questions Answered by Top Experts

Once you have emotionally accepted a diagnosis of infertility it is wise to take some time out to carefully consider your next steps. You will have to consider what options you have, the treatments available, their success rates, their cost or possibly whether to consider an alternative path which does not involve treatment at all. Whatever […]

The best PMS attack plan to reduce symptoms and suffering

The Best PMS Attack Plan To Reduce Symptoms And Suffering

This Guide will examine the main causes of premenstrual syndrome, its most common symptoms and how they might be tackled to ensure that your daily life prior to your menstrual period is as stress and pain-free as possible. It will demonstrate how some small lifestyle changes can make your normal activities that more comfortable before […]

Khushi Fertility Screens Out L1CAM Gene In a first-of-its-kind multidimensional IVF treatment

Khushi Fertility Screens Out L1CAM Gene In A First-Of-Its-Kind Multidimensional IVF Treatment

In a first-of-its-kind multidimensional IVF treatment in the country, Khushi Fertility and IVF Centre, a pioneering Bengaluru based fertility centre specialising in the latest Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) implemented Clinical Exome Sequencing (CES), Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) and Pre Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) procedures on the embryos of a patient after IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) […]

New research finds a low carb fertility diet may improve fertility outcome

Low Carb Fertility Diet

Fact or myth but can a fertility diet comprised of eating low carb foods improve your chances and help you get pregnant? A study on The Effect of Low Carbohydrate Diets on Fertility Hormones and Outcomes in Overweight and Obese Women seems to think so[1]. Dietitian Melanie McGrice had seen too many women in her […]

Creamy vs. Crunchy: What your peanut butter preference says about your personality

Creamy Vs. Crunchy: What Your Peanut Butter Preference Says About Your Personality

Whether or not you like your peanut butter creamy or crunchy may actually say more about you than you think, according to new research. The study examined the peanut butter and snacking preferences of 2,000 Americans – evenly split by their preference of crunchy vs. creamy – and found enjoying a crunchy peanut butter may […]

71% of women struggle to stay fit on their During their Period

71% Of Women Struggle To Stay Fit On Their Period

Research by Yoppie, the pioneers of personalised, organic period care delivered through your letterbox, has provided some top tips on how to keep motivation up during your menstrual cycle, as periods put a stop to fitness regimes for the majority of women. With our New Year’s resolutions still at the forefront of our minds, many […]

More Women Consider Fertility Treatment As Lockdown Continues

More Women Consider Fertility Treatment As Lockdown Continues

Six in 10 women are anxious about their chances of having a family due to the Covid-19 pandemic, research from Stowe Family Law, the UK’s largest team of specialist family lawyers has revealed. The study of over 400 single women shared with Fertility Road also revealed that over half of the women with concerns are […]

Holistic health is in and fad diets are out in 2021

Holistic health is in and fad diets are out in 2021

One in two Americans are planning to never go on a diet again, according to new research. The study asked 2,000 nationally representative Americans about their experiences with fad diets in the past and their plans for 2021. Seven in 10 respondents also shared that diets that required strict rules never really work for them […]

Working it Out: Could your occupation have a negative effect on your fertility?

Fertility Road Could-your-occupation-have-a-negative-effect-on-your-fertility

It’s no secret that stress and anxiety can impact on a woman’s ability to conceive, but can the pressures and demands of your working life – or even the nature of your work – actually be stopping you from falling pregnant? While employers (and hopefully pregnant women themselves) are aware of the need for workplaces […]