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Issue 56 / 2022

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Issue 55 / 2022

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Issue 54 / 2022

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Fertility Road Magazine Partners

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The Association of Reproductive Reflexologists

Members of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists (ARR) are specially trained, using structured and prescriptive treatment protocols, to support couples and individuals on their fertility journey. Reproductive reflexology can be used to support natural conception, ovulation induction, IUI, IVF/ICSI and donor cycles. The ARR is a professional body with a passion for setting a kitemark for excellence in the field of reproductive reflexology and for supporting patients at any stage of their journey.


FertilityRoad Magazine All About IVF 16


DefiningMum is a personal blog hosted by Becky Kearns @definingmum, a mum to three girls all thanks to egg donation. Here she shares her own story and reflections on this path to parenthood, as well as the stories and perspectives of others who are touched by donor conception as a path to parenthood.


FertilityRoad Magazine All About IVF 18

Donor Conception Network

DC Network is a charity offering information, support and community to donor conception families and prospective families. It was started in 1993 by five families with children conceived with the help of sperm donation. They decided, against the advice of the day, to be honest with their children about how they were conceived. They wanted to come together to break the isolation felt by so many using donor conception and support each other in their decision to be open.

FertilityRoad Magazine All About IVF 20


Information, guides and IVF clinics worldwide directory for patients looking for egg donation IVF options abroad. We support patients with knowledge, faqs and tools to help them to make informed decisions, including unique IVF clinic profile, Clinic Matching Test and country-specific information related to costs, limits and availability of IVF with donor eggs programs. Egg donor availability per country, detailed costs of egg donation programs and more can be found here:

FertilityRoad Magazine All About IVF 22

Enhanced Fertility

Enhanced Fertility is the leading fertility assessment and testing provider in the UK.
Start by completing a FREE comprehensive assessment of your fertility, using the Fertility Risk Detection Tool®. This is a validated tool to identify problems that can affect female and male fertility. Order an at-home diagnostic test to check more than 20 hormones and biomarkers which give you more information about your fertility.
And finally, access your Patient Portal, where you find your fertility report and a personalised fertility plan. You can also review your answers with an expert or be fast-tracked to the right private clinical experts.

FertilityRoad Magazine All About IVF 24

European Fertility Society

The European Fertility Society is an evidence based society that gives tools, support and education to patients and fertility clinics. EFS aims at facilitating and increasing patients’ support and positive experience during their fertility journey. The European Fertility Society (EFS) advocates universal improvements in patient care.

FertilityRoad Magazine All About IVF 26


We pose a specific question to a hand-picked group of fertility experts to answer. The specialists are from clinics and community settings throughout the world which provides a comprehensive and balanced perspective. All the answers are recorded in the form of a video and are published on our website and YouTube channel. All videos are available for you to access at any time from the comfort of your own home. Importantly, accessing this help will come at no cost to you.

FertilityRoad Magazine All About IVF 28


An online database of IVF clinics worldwide where you may find information related to IVF treatment abroad including guides, tips and hints. Must see website for anyone looking for IVF treatment options abroad – including IVF with own eggs, IVF with donor eggs, embryo donation and sperm donation. We help more than 3,000 patients a year to find the right clinic abroad.

FertilityRoad Magazine All About IVF 30

Fertility Genomics

Fertility Genomics is a specialist DNA company which offers a simple DNA saliva test identifying genetic causes of infertility and failed assisted reproductive technology (ART), using state of the art DNA sequencing technology to analyse all protein coding genes. Following bioinformatic analysis, we calculate a unique fertility probability score for each customer to advise them as to the best and most likely to succeed method of assisted reproductive technique (ART) to undergo.
The ultimate goal of Fertility Genomics is to research and highlight the genetic causes of infertility while helping others achieve their dreams of having happy and healthy babies.

FertilityRoad Magazine All About IVF 32

Fertility Hub

Fertility Hub is a one stop resource for information on assisted reproduction. Whether you are a patient who is coming to terms with a recent diagnosis or a healthcare professional who wants to keep abreast of developments in the field.

FertilityRoad Magazine All About IVF 34

International Fertility Company

IFC works across 21 countries, providing a bespoke clinic finding service for patients wishing to travel for fertility treatment and a support service led by patients who have received treatment outside their country of residence. IFC also supports and promotes fertility clinics, products and specialist services as well as developing cross boarder collaboration. Led by Andrew Coutts, one of the world’s leading fertility travel experts IFC is supported by a team of medics, coaches and therapists and has offices in the U.K., Netherlands and the U.S.

FertilityRoad Magazine All About IVF 36

IVF Abroad – Patient’s Guide

A unique guide to help IVF patients easily find treatment abroad. Up to now, there’s been no shortcut to compare countries as destinations for fertility treatment. Now for the first time patients have a fast way to figure out the regulations, permitted treatments and costs for each of the most popular countries.
The Guide is entirely objective and impartial and a one-of-a-kind resource for patients seeking IVF abroad. 98 pages, comprehensive report, can be downloaded free.

FertilityRoad Magazine All About IVF 38

Kinderwens Buitenland / FertiSupport

FertiSupport is an independent organisation that informs people about the possibilities of fertility treatment abroad. We have years of experience and therefore we are very well aware of the laws and regulations, the processes and procedures of IVF/ ICSI or donation treatments and, of course, we can also inform you about the prices. With this information, you can make a well-considered choice and together we will make sure you will find a clinic that fits your needs and budget. We will also remain available to answer your questions during your procedure. We are here for you!

FertilityRoad Magazine All About IVF 40


MyIVFAnswers.com is first aid online support to all IVF patients in need. We manage online events with top IVF experts worldwide where patients may ask questions live. All events are recorded and published for easy access for anyone interested. With more than 400 webinars published and more than 6,000 questions answered during our events – the platform is perfect choice for all patients interested in fertility and IVF.

FertilityRoad Magazine All About IVF 42

Monica Bivas Mindset and Holistic Fertility Coach

Monica Bivas is a Mindset and Holistic Fertility Coach, writer, and founder of The IVF Journey, an online support community for couples seeking or undergoing IVF treatment. She helps women and couples that want to conceive naturally or reframe their IVF experiences, using positivity and mindfulness to help them affirm their choices and manifest successful outcomes. When not supporting her IVF Tribe, she is a joyful, hands-on mom to her two daughters, and finds any excuse she can, to go out dancing with her husband. You can find more about her coaching methodology here: 

FertilityRoad Magazine All About IVF 44


The future of IVF with NOW-fertility is: Less waiting time, less stress, no unnecessary costs or clinic visits. NOW-fertility is not a clinic – it is a trail-blazing new digital platform, which is going to revolutionise the assisted conception journey for individuals and couples. Each NOW-fertility patient will receive personalised and supportive care, 24-hours a day, seven days a week throughout their fertility journey via their own dedicated team of multi-lingual fertility physicians, nurses, counsellors, and advisors. We will also offer a transparent, fixed-price service to ensure our patients know what the cost of their treatment will be right from the start of their fertility journey.

FertilityRoad Magazine All About IVF 46

Paths to Parenthub

Paths to Parenthub is a virtual membership support platform focusing on the emotional aspects of using a donor to conceive. Curated by Becky @definingmum, with monthly webinars featuring professionals focusing on the big questions and fears, regular story sharing and conversations focusing on different perspectives and a community app with the opportunity to build connections with others and attend virtual support groups. Wherever you are in the world, Paths to Parenthub provides a space to learn, connect and share this path to parenthood with those who truly get it.


FertilityRoad Magazine All About IVF 48

Pebble Fertility

Pebble Fertility – giving couples the best possible chance of a successful outcome with our holistic fertility programmes. Clinical hypnotherapy, RTT therapy, fertility coaching, nutritionists, naturopaths and bespoke holistic fertility retreats.

FertilityRoad Magazine All About IVF 50

Pebble Sanctuary

Pebble Sanctuary. The only membership that supports couples through their entire fertility journey. Masterclasses, guest experts, Q&A sessions, coaching, hypnosis tracks, meditations and community. Taking you from infertility, all the way through pregnancy, birth and on into parenthood. Giving you the tools and support to become the best parents you can.

FertilityRoad Magazine All About IVF 52

Pride Angel

Pride Angel is a leading worldwide connection site, fertility forum and blog for lesbian, gay, single and infertile couples, wishing to become parents through co-parenting and donor conception. Specialising in health screening advice, fertility law support, along with artificial insemination and fertility products available to purchase. Registration is free.

FertilityRoad Magazine All About IVF 54

Sandy Christiansen Fertility Coach

Sandy Christiansen became a fertility coach after a 10 year career working as a clinical embryologist in multiple fertility clinics. Recognising the gap in patient support, she started her own business dedicated to supporting those with fertility issues and undergoing fertility treatments. She is a certified NLP and life coach, helping women, men and couples on their fertility journey, providing them with fertility expertise and emotional support. In addition to coaching, she attends conferences and training courses for professional growth and helps promote fertility awareness and education.

FertilityRoad Magazine All About IVF 56

Sarah Banks Coaching

Sarah Banks is a Fertility Coach and Mentor who works with patients and clinics to offer a broad range of support to suit each individual’s needs. She has written and published the IVF Positivity Planner, a journal combined with coping strategies and coaching tools to help you feel happier and stronger whilst TTC and going through IVF.

FertilityRoad Magazine All About IVF 58

Your Fertility Journey Ltd

Your Fertility Journey is an independent clinic supporting the fertility and women’s health needs of individuals across the UK. YFJ prides itself on offering high-quality fertility and women’s health advice and support on all aspects of fertility, IVF and specific women’s health conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, PMS and PMDD, early pregnancy, early and normal age menopause, to name just a few. Director and nurse consultant Kate Davies is the co-host of The Fertility Podcast and also provides fertility in the workplace awareness and training to corporate organisations.